Educational farm

The “educational farm” project is based on the concept of multifunctional agricolture: the productive function is linked to the educative one. The aim is approaching the students to the agricolture world and sensitise them on matters as the respect for the environment, the conscious consumption and the correct feed.

This is a way that allows the rediscovery of traditions and culture of our land, of ancient healthy habits. The educational farm gives the chance to approach to nature finding his own roots.

The educational farm Fariello project

It's a way that allows the knowledge of our land (environment) with its single feature: natural, productive, historical, geographic features. It’s a project addressed to the students and its goal is creating a constant link between countryside and town, between agricolture and school with the aim of

  1. giving an answer to those negative aspects of the globalization;
  2. educating young students to get an healthy feed and a conscious consumption through the comprehension of relationships between:
    - eco-friendly productive techniques, features, quality and safety of food;
    - safeguard of health and environment.
  3. increasing the attention towards green economy, new agricolture and environmental protection.
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