You can appreciate the best flavours of Apulian cuisine in cozy rooms. Among all the typical dishes of our region you can taste:

- home-made pasta (orecchiette with donkey or boar ragu, tagliatelle, pappardelle with French horn mushroom)

- Senatore Cappelli‘s bio dry pasta made of corn ( Fricelli - a typical home-made Apulian pasta – with turnip tops and salsiccia a punta di coltello – a typical Apulian sausage)

- pulses (wheat and beans, pasta with beans)

- local meats (piglet baked in a wood oven, pecora alla rzzaul – a typical dish with sheep- barbecue goat and tripe braciolette )

- home-made desserts and almond desserts made of almonds from Toritto and prepared by Fillipo Cea

- ricotta pie (called “pizza di ricotta” in the province of Bari), bio jam tart

- vincotto made of quinces

- liqueurs prepared with natural herb ( rosemary rosolio, bay leaf rosolio and fennel rosolio)

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